Discover the charms, the most intimate secrets and the curiosities of the world of Leisure and Escorts in Ibiza

Enjoy the Spring Festival Atzaró in Ibiza with the best company

The Spring Festival in Ibiza on Sunday, March 31, 2019 is the most emblematic event that marks the beginning of the season. A date that should not be missed and a distinguished place to go to in the best companies that will make the day even more special.

The Atzaró Spring Festival is here, where you can attend with high-level guests at one of the most outstanding events on the island.

Fiesta de la primavera con escorts en Ibiza
entrance to Spring Festival

The gardens of the magnificent Agroturismo Atzaró Ibiza will receive thousands of visitors as every year creating an environment without equal where you can enjoy different activities ranging from concerts, dances or DJs to visit the typical Artisan Market of the island of Ibiza where you can take away any souvenir with which to immortalize a distinguished day.

jardines fiesta de la primavera con acompañamntes de lujo

Fiesta de la primavera escorts en Ibiza

Tickets for the Spring Festival will be available from March 15. You can buy your cashless bracelet of € 25, of which you will have € 20 for free consumption of food and drink and € 5 will be donated to Atzaró Fundraising.

Spring Festival, Atzaró

Shortly after midnight the event ends, and if after all this you still want to continue enjoying a magical night full of pleasures, what better idea than to contact the most exclusive escorts in Ibiza.

Champagne de lujo en Fiesta de la primavera Con Putas de lujo en Ibiza
Veuve Clicquot luxury champagne in Atzaró Party

The best places to enjoy Holy Week in Ibiza with a High Level Female Companion

There will be no more wonderful music for your ears than listening to the confirmation of your flight to the magical island of Ibiza. If it is also Holy Week and you could enjoy a sensual and warm company, better than better. On this occasion we will recommend the best places to satisfy your appetite for pleasant sensations.

If you have chosen these dates to visit us, you are surely looking to enjoy alternatives that you can only find in a place that, like Ibiza, not only offers you a wide range of experiences in leisure, entertainment and gastronomy, but is also the sexy  friendly of the Mediterranean islands. So, get ready because we are going to share with you the best places to enjoy outings with your sophisticated High Level Female Companion.


The best environment in the best climate

Ibiza is one of those European destinations with a privileged climate, so be prepared to enjoy exquisite walks on the beach, with the hand of your attractive companion and then relax in Amante Beach Club  or Nassau  they will put the best environment to motivate it.

Or maybe you want to take a stroll through Marina Botafoch, Ibiza Town’s most exclusive neighborhood next to lavish yachts and spectacular views of the Mediterranean. In this case, you can not miss the sunset enjoying your favorite cocktail in  Sa Calma Bistró , seeing as the boats return to port, while the last rays of sunlight illuminate the castle of Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site.

From there and without taking the car you have the best gastronomy of the island in the restaurant Sa Nansa, where you can enjoy the traditional seafood cuisine of the island. But if you want to enter the peaceful pine forests that spill out to the sea, do not miss the Restaurante Sa Caleta,  of a traditional Ibiza fishermen and gourmet family.

The most distinguished Fiesta venues to meet with a high-level female Acomapañante in Ibiza

Of course you can not stop being in Ibiza without visiting the most emblematic clubs of the island, we refer of course to Pacha  and Ushuaia  perhaps the two best examples of how the celebration can make you live paradise. We recommend you visit the two, although very different, both will make you live incredible experiences, we assure you that your girl and you, will have a great time.

And of course, the coasts of the island have a special attraction in this time and there you will also find that rare conjunction of party, nature and sensuality that you can enjoy while visiting two incredible places for your enjoyment, Malibu Salinas unlike what is without doubt the best beach on the island and Cala Bassa Beach Club  in the deep island, between rocks and pine forests.



Four things you need to get to know, if you want to be a profesional escort in Mallorca

In addition to your aesthetics and personal care, learning, and investing in you will give added value to your profile of a professional Escort in Mallorca. And it will allow you to stand out to get more and get better customers.

Here are four essential tips.

1. Join in a local party 

It will allow you to get to know the Mallorcan culture better, move naturally on the island and will also add value to your professional profile.

After Christmas, in January, two important island parties are held, Sant Antoni, on the 16th and 17th and Sant Sebastià, from January 10th to 25th, only in the city of Palma. This is the homage to its patron saint with an extensive program of concerts and bonfires. In February you have the ‘Fira de S’Ametler’ in Son Servera. And then the Carnival ‘Sa Rua’ that will take place between 25th and 26th February.

2. Enjoy a gastronomic tour of Mallorca

Mallorca is an international culinary center that attracts lovers of gastronomy. Being up to date in the events that take place and knowing the gastronomic fundamentals, you will, in turn, understand a group of potential gourmet customers.

With a large number of delicatessen and organic and natural product businesses, as well as restaurants that offer the highest quality cuisine, in Mallorca you will have plenty of options to connect with the world of gastronomy where your customers will frequent.

You’ll be surprised knowing the origin of the sophisticated heels which you wear

We recommend visiting The Gallery Club a cooking school where you can take your first steps in this world. Do not miss the Yacht Cooking course with which you can get close to two worlds with good clients who are looking for companions and girls to go out with.

3. Visit art galleries 

Soak up the cultural Mallorca knowing the atmosphere of its art museums and galleries. The Inca Footwear and Leather Museum has recently opened its doors, you will be surprised to know the origin of the sophisticated heels you wear!

As for the art galleries, it is most advisable that you set up a calendar of visits and during a season visit as many as you can. So you will immerse yourself in the exciting world of art and luxury collectors. We leave you a link to the Mallorca Luxury portal so you can see the 20 best galleries on the island.

4. Treat yourself, and go to a Spa 


The best way to give pleasure is to feel it, do not you think? So enjoy a beauty or relaxation treatment that makes you feel good. Now that it’s cold nothing better than feeling the relaxing warmth of a Spa.


Mallorca is a shopping plaza where luxury and super luxury attract thousands of potential customers


We recommend these luxurious Spa:

  • Beauty Lounge Son Net
  • Ca Sa Galesa Wellness Spacio
  • Bahari Beauty & Spa (at Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort),
  • Park Hyatt Mallorca
  • Castillo Hotel Son Vida and Arabella Sheraton Mallorca.

In Palma you will also find Sant Francesc Hotel Singular which, although it does not have a spa as such, does offer beauty and wellness treatments, using Anne Semonin products.


high class Escort agency ibiza

It’s not a decadence, it’s an investment. 

You may think that visiting these places is not directly related to your goals as an escort in Mallorca, on the contrary, as you can see in our previous posts, Mallorca is a commercial plaza where luxury and super-luxury attract thousands of potential clients and for that they come to you must gravitate in their same frequency.

Consider it an investment. Dare yourself!

The dream of a Luxury Escort in Mallorca

Even though the beaches cease to be the main attraction of the island in the winter, the seduction of the largest of the Balearic Islands remains intact all year round, and therefore the demand for female company for going out and attending the most diverse events does not decline. In this post we are going to review the strongest points of Mallorca for a Luxury Escort during the winter.

Elegant dinners, grandiose hotels, opulent private celebrations and first-class events fill up the winter calendar both in the capital, Palma de Mallorca, and around the island.

In Mallorca you can elevate your elegance, seduction, culture and manners to levels of excellence

Of course, for an Elite Escort to have an attractive and seductive physique is essential, and to be an Escort in Mallorca you must also stand out in general culture and “know how to be” in Mallorca, as there is always a presence of High-Class Clients.

Keep in mind, however, that there will be encounters that will not necessarily involve close contact. On many occasions an Escort in Mallorca will take on the role of guide and tourist escort for sites valued by the client, hence the need to know “from within” the culinary, nightlife and Mallorcan entertainment, as well as the best places to enjoy them.

Elegance, seduction, culture

Owning this knowledge will give a Escort in Mallorca a value that will make her stand out from the rest, generating more interest and better clients.

In Majorca the most relevant design brands, fashion, jewellery, real estate, cars and luxury yachts all meet. In this context, it is not strange that an Escort in Mallorca during an outing assumes the role of a personal shopper, and she in turn will have important personal experience in the brands present on the island. In other cases, the Luxury Escort will simply contribute her unique feminine vision and presence, in a select event in which she will provide a girlfriend experience to her client.


Therefore, for those who want to develop their talent as a VIP Escort on the island of Mallorca during the winter, it’s highly recommended to upgrade elegance, seduction, culture and manners to levels of excellence.


Next month we will publish what are the secrets of Mallorca that a Professional Escort must know to achieve her dream.


Yachts, Golf and Good Company to enjoy in luxury in Mallorca

Thinking of you and enjoy yourself with us in a big way, at Golden Escorts Mallorca we tell you three things that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Mallorca, the Island of Calm.

Golf in Mallorca, from a different point of view 

Our beloved island continues to increase its offers for all those visitors who see Mallorca as the dream place to play golf. Indeed, the island has become an authentic paradise for golfers. The wide range of golf courses in Mallorca is added value for players of all levels. And we want to be your companion so that you feel protected at all times. If you also want to have sea views while you practice golf, we recommend Alcudia. In this wonderful little town you have many activities and events for golfers throughout the year.

We can slide together, with very long floating slides from the yacht, diving into deep blue waters, full of bubbles and colourful fish.


Luxury and Relaxing Hotels 

Enjoying Mallorca is like living a dream. Surrounded by the brightest shades of blue, with the sun warming your body, you will surely wonder why you shouldn’t come to live here forever.

Yes. You guessed it, when you come here you have to call us and let yourself go to the most hidden and beautiful coves or even to the high-end hotels, which will make you feel how sweet and complacent Mallorca is with you.



Things that we can do together on a super yacht 

Laughter, new friends, mysterious and super exclusive beaches. We can slide together, with very long floating slides from the yacht, diving into deep, blue waters full of bubbles and colourful fish.

Fly with the waves of the sea defying the law of gravity and plunge into the sea’s wash. And at night illuminated by mysterious lights and with a suggestive female companion, to feel the mystery that emerges from the sea.

To finally and among the Champagne bubbles, play our favourite sport on board..

Do you want to do it?

Call us 

IBIZA, your sexiest companion

That craving you can’t refuse

The sea breeze at night, the lights and the distant bass from a party at a Beach Club. Maybe it’s the champagne bubbles, and a relaxed stroll enjoying the presence of an attractive companion.

Now we are in Ushuaia, in Hard Rock, and in Grand Palladium.

And then we think about the elegance of Cristina

Even better, when we’re are looking at the immensity of the sea from a luxury Villa in Ca Na Xamena.

We have enjoyed the fabulous gastronomy of the island, in the best of Vintage parties of Sebastián Gamboa in Lío Cabaret .

And then we think about the elegance of Gissele and while we pick up the phone to call her, we can almost hear the sensual purr of the Porsche Cayman that brings her here..


The real luxury of the most luxurious cars in Ibiza

There are those who believe that luxury is ostentatious or pricey, and in reality it is in the immense pleasure of the fulfilled wish, with the sensual shine of a glance, in the charm of a shared caress. And of course, if it is inside a comfortable car that welcomes you, that takes you purring away to any of the magical island landscapes, which is the best of the best.

With the sensual shine of a glance, in the charm of a shared caress…

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Maserati or a Porsche, the important thing is that you feel that the roar of your engines and the comfort of your cabin makes you feel alive.


What can be more extraordinary than enjoying the rugged countryside of Ibiza or the sunrise on its deserted beaches, perhaps aboard a Volkswagen Hippie Chic Combi, the technological excellence of a Jeep or the bucolic Citroën Mehari.

The roar of your engines and the comfort of your cabin makes you feel alive…


High Heels : Eroticism and Sensuality in Ibiza

Fetish feature


The female shoe has always been more than a simple accessory; it’s also a symbol of sexuality and power, proof of this is that for many centuries, the heels have distinguished the different social classes – the higher the heel, the higher the notoriety.

The high-heeled shoe is considered a symbol of femininity par excellence, as well as an object of worship that generates admiration equally between men and women.

Women distinguish it as an object that represents class, elegance, sensuality, which can even help to increase the capacity of seduction for their gifts as a fetish object and symbol of eroticism among most men.


Symbol of femininity and eroticism that induces passion

Anatomically, they produce a curvature in the back that enhances the figure and the body. We escorts adore high heels, as they stylise and decorate our legs, with them we feel taller and slender, inhibiting an empowering effect.

Escorts are very careful when choosing the ideal footwear for each occasion, and we love to feel admired and desired, so we also use this fetish for many, with the intention of generating attraction and awakening the eroticism to all those who contemplates us.

Every summer models go to endless events and evenings to the most elite venues of Ibiza and what better occasion to show off our most precious accessories. And as you can imagine, high-class escorts don’t just wear any shoe, the models choose designs and brands of a more sophisticated and avant-garde market.


“A shoe is not just a design, it’s part of your body language, the way you move is dictated by your shoes, they elevate you physically and emotionally.” Christian Louboutin

More sex = More Health

Anxiety or stress is one of the great disorders of our time. To catalog them of illness is not something that should be done lightly. We all pass these situations on the occasion of multiple factors. They are nothing more than the reflection of fear, an ancestral sensation of every human being, and of most species. Fear corresponds to prudence, and is key to survival.

However, situations of anxiety or stress become chronic in humans, unlike what happens in the animal kingdom. The latter have a life ordered by instincts that is based on feeding, procreating and escaping from danger. Sex, mating, is part of a pleasant routine that acts as an escape valve for situations of fear and danger.

Humans, however, are sometimes trapped in work routines, stress, anguish, which act as a permanent cage from which we can not escape. If we do not have the sex escape valve, these situations become chronic.

Many times we are faced with an authentic whisk that bites its tail. Said in authentic terms … we do not fuck because we are stressed, and this prevents us from having sex. The situation, it should be another … we are going to fuck because that is how we evade ourselves, we forget about the problems and tomorrow will be another day. It is not such a difficult and complicated plan. It is even free. To look for pleasant and relaxing sensations that help us control anxiety, we do not need a couple. Masturbate is healthy. Most mammals do it. It helps to lubricate our reproductive organs, and produces a release of dopamine and oxytocin that relaxes us. Psychiatrists prescribe a multitude of medications to produce the same effect, relax, and isolate us from our burdens.

Masturbation releases dopamine and oxytocin, which help relax the body causing a sense of well-being.
Many will think that beating is not the ideal solution … we agree, but undoubtedly it is healthier and more natural than antidepressants. We start from the basis that sex is better in company and masturbation is only a substitute. Sex in couples, in its multiple forms … mutual masturbation, penetration, oral sex, anal, massage, etc., is the best anti-stress therapy. It is very easy to access it. An appointment with an escort is one more option among many others. When the couple does not exist, or existinendo you are in a situation where having sex with her is no longer pleasant, the search for sexual satisfaction by going to a escort agency is a quick option for them and them. You have to get rid of prejudices. Apart from sex, you will have a friend or friend who will act as confidant, with whom you can talk, vent, and maybe tell things you can not tell your inner circle.

Beating anguish and depression without medication is possible. We just have to recover our most basic inquisitions.


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