Ibiza, your sexiest companion

That whim you can’t say no to

The sea breeze at night, the lights and the distant run-run of the party in a Beach Club. Maybe it’s the bubbles of champagne, and a relaxed stroll enjoying the presence of attractive company. These are unforgettable experiences in the company of friends.

Now we are in Ushuaia, at Hard Rock, at Grand Palladium. We are at Nobu, at Pacha, at Destino Resort.

And then we think of Cristina’s elegance.

Even better, we are looking at the immensity of the sea from a luxury Villa in Ca Na Xamena.

We have enjoyed the fabulous gastronomy of the island, the best Vintage in the parties of Sebastián Gamboa in Cabaret Lío. And then we think of Cristina’s elegance, of her complacent look and as we pick up the phone to call her we can almost hear the sensual purr of the Mercedes Cabrio that brings her here…

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