Four things you need to get to know, if you want to be a profesional escort in Ibiza

In addition to your aesthetics and personal care, learning, and investing in yourself will add more value to your profile as an Professional escort in Ibiza. And it will allow you to stand out to get more and better customers.

Here are four essential tips.

Participate in a local festival

It will allow you to get to know the Ibicencan culture better, to move naturally on the island and will also add value to your professional profile.

Shortly before the start of the season, the most multitudinous event of the entire calendar of festivals on the island is held. This is the Medieval Market of Eivissa, unique in Spain that runs within a walled World Heritage Site that continues to be inhabited with luxury homes for more than 700 years. It is the largest concentration of visitors of the year with more than 120,000 people. The cruise ships from Europe and luxury tourists who love culture, gastronomy and nature come here. You can’t miss it!

2. Enjoy a gastronomic tour in Ibiza

Ibiza is an international culinary center that attracts gastronomy lovers. By keeping up to date with the events taking place and knowing the gastronomic basics, you will understand a group of potential gourmet customers.

With a large number of businesses in the delicatessen and organic and natural products, as well as restaurants that offer the best quality cuisine, in Ibiza you will have plenty of options to connect with the world of gastronomy that your clients frequent.

Soak up the cultural Ibiza and you will make good friends

We recommend you to visit The Alacena from Gourmeta cooking school where you can take your first steps in this world. Don’t miss the course of Sushi either Yacht Galley you will be able to approach two worlds with good customers who are looking for companions and girls for dating.

3. Visit Art Galleries

Soak up the cultural Ibiza knowing the atmosphere of its art museums and galleries.

As for the art galleries, the best thing to do is to make a calendar of visits and visit as many as you can during one season. You will be immersed in the exciting world of art and luxury collectors. Here is a link to the portal Top Arts Galleries of Ibizato get to know the best galleries on the island.

4. Treat yourself to a Spa

The best way to give pleasure is to feel it, don’t you think? So enjoy a beauty or relaxation treatment that makes you feel good. Now that it’s cold, there’s nothing better than feeling the relaxing warmth of a Spa.

Ibiza is a shopping plaza where luxury and super luxury attract thousands of potential customers.


In Ibiza you will find Prestige Fenicia Spa which, although it does not have a spa but a large luxury hotel complex in Santa Eulalia, it does offer beauty and wellness treatments that you can access for a fee.


high class Escort agency ibiza

It is not a luxury, it is an investment

You may think that visiting these sites does not directly relate to your objectives as escort in IbizaOn the contrary, as you can see in our previous posts, Mallorca is a commercial plaza where luxury and super luxury summon thousands of potential clients and for them to come to you you must vibrate on the same frequency.

Consider it an investment. Dare!

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