High Heels : Eroticism and Sensuality in Ibiza

Fetish Accessory

Women’s shoes have always been more than just a simple accessory, they have also been a symbol of sexuality and power, proof of which is that for many centuries, heels distinguished the various social classes. The more centimeters of heel, the more notoriety.

The heeled shoe is considered a symbol of femininity par excellence, as well as a cult object that generates admiration among men and women alike.


Women distinguish it as an object that represents level, elegance, sensuality, which can even help to increase the capacity of seduction due to its qualities as a fetish object and symbol of eroticism among most men.

Symbol of femininity and eroticism that arouses passions.

Anatomically, they produce a curvature in the back that enhances the figure and body. We the escorts We adore high heels, as they stylize and decorate our legs, with them we feel taller and slimmer causing an empowering effect.

The escorts in Ibiza We are very careful when it comes to choosing the ideal shoes for each type of occasion, and we love to feel admired and desired, so we also use this fetish accessory for many, with the intention of generating attraction and arouse eroticism to anyone who contemplates us.

Every summer we models go to an endless number of events and evenings in the most elitist places in Ibiza and what better occasion to show off our most precious accessories. And as you can imagine, high class escorts do not wear just any shoe, but the most sophisticated and avant-garde models, designs and brands on the market.


“A shoe is not just design, it’s part of your body language. The way you move is dictated by your shoes. They elevate you physically and emotionally.” Christian Louboutin

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