More sex!!!!! = More health!!!!!

Anxiety or stress is one of the great disorders of our time. Labeling them as a disease is not something to be done lightly. We all go through these situations due to multiple factors. They are nothing more than a reflection of fear, an ancestral sensation of every human being, and of most species. Fear corresponds to prudence, and is key to survival.

However, situations of anxiety or stress become chronic in humans, unlike in the animal kingdom. The latter have a life ordered by instincts based on feeding, procreating and escaping from dangers. Sex, mating, is part of a pleasurable routine that acts as an escape valve from situations of fear and danger.

Humans, however, are sometimes trapped in routines of work, stress, anguish, which act as a permanent cage from which we cannot escape. If we do not have the escape valve of sex, these situations become chronic.

Many times we are faced with a real fish that bites its own tail. To put it in the local language…we don’t fuck because we are stressed, and this prevents us from having sex. The situation should be different…let’s go to fuck because that way we evade, we forget about the problems and tomorrow will be another day. It is not such a difficult and complicated plan. It’s even free. To seek pleasurable and relaxing sensations that help us to control anxiety, we do not need a partner. Masturbation is healthy. Most mammals do this. It helps to keep our reproductive organs lubricated, and produces a release of dopamine and oxytocin that relaxes us. Psychiatrists prescribe us a multitude of drugs to produce the same effect, to relax us, and to isolate us from our worries.

Masturbation releases dopamine and oxytocin, which help to relax the body causing a feeling of well-being.
Many will think that jerk off is not the ideal solution…we agree, but it is undoubtedly healthier and more natural than antidepressants. We start from the premise that sex is better in company and masturbation is only a substitute, sex as a couple, in its multiple forms… mutual masturbation, penetration, oral sex, anal sex, massages, etc., is the best anti-stress therapy. It is very easy to access. A date with an escort is one option among many. When the partner does not exist, or if he/she does exist you are in a situation where having sex with him/her is no longer pleasurable, the search for sexual satisfaction by turning to an escort agency is a quick option for them. It is necessary to get rid of prejudices. Aside from sex, you will have a friend who will be your confidant, with whom you can talk, unburden yourself, and maybe tell things you can’t tell your inner circle.
Overcoming anxiety and depression without medication is possible. We only need to recover our most basic intents.